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Why do so many people think the elderly are cute I’ll never figure that out they smell funny and I dunno


Galaxy pipe


Galaxy pipe

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Are wonderful

Fuck guys they have cooties

This is the second time in 2 weeks that 2 guys have fucked me over…lovin it

Note to self never fall for a heroine addict. Lol dumbass

Doing one more donation this week to the humane society before I go back to school wish someone wanted to pitch in with me:(

Nipple piercings are the most pain in the ass piercings I’ve ever had

Next summer

Is going to be one of the best summers. I will have a degree in criminal justice. I will be starting my sleeve. And I will be going to 3 festivals. Can’t wait.

So excited to trip balls with my sister

Let’s have an orgy

Single life is pretty dope

Crying for days