Note to self never fall for a heroine addict. Lol dumbass

Doing one more donation this week to the humane society before I go back to school wish someone wanted to pitch in with me:(

Nipple piercings are the most pain in the ass piercings I’ve ever had

Next summer

Is going to be one of the best summers. I will have a degree in criminal justice. I will be starting my sleeve. And I will be going to 3 festivals. Can’t wait.

So excited to trip balls with my sister

Let’s have an orgy

Single life is pretty dope

Crying for days

My hair still smell like cigarettes from a party I went to about 5 days ago I should probably shower sometime soon

I don’t understand why some people push their friends away when they get into a relationship it’s pathetic

Killing a bottle of vodka tonight with John this will fix everything

John and I are suppose to go to grass roots together on Saturday so I requested off of work 3 weeks ago for this and what do you know John has a gig on Saturday and won’t cancel…what a great boyfriend I have

the other day John an I were talking and he asked me what if I was dating you and I turned out to be a psycho boyfriend and killed you…what the fuck

I hate being single but I don’t know what to do

Why am I attracted to scumbags