Killing a bottle of vodka tonight with John this will fix everything

John and I are suppose to go to grass roots together on Saturday so I requested off of work 3 weeks ago for this and what do you know John has a gig on Saturday and won’t cancel…what a great boyfriend I have

the other day John an I were talking and he asked me what if I was dating you and I turned out to be a psycho boyfriend and killed you…what the fuck

I hate being single but I don’t know what to do

Why am I attracted to scumbags

Last night I was hanging with some people and then I got offered to do meth…

Today has been horrible I saw a homeless dog and watched a car hit a turtle fuck humans fuck them

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I should of just dreaded my hair when I thought about it a year ago instead of dying it blonde and ruining it

Last night I had a dream I was dating my ex…again

I kinda miss being blonde and kinda want to go back and cut my hair short like a bob

I’ve always wanted to watch loiter squad and I’m finally watching it and wow this is so lame what a disappointment

One thing that I absolutely hate is when I hear someone picking on my sisters weight. She’s perfect the way she is .

If John decides to move to Tennessee with his family I really don’t know what I’m going to do. Fuck moving.

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